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Copper Vita Curve - Gua Sha Sculptor

Copper Vita Curve - Gua Sha Sculptor

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Enhance your self-care with the Copper Vita Curve - Gua Sha Sculptor. Its unique shape is specially designed for full-body use, from facial contours to shoulders, back, and inner thighs. Crafted from premium copper, known for its antimicrobial properties, the Copper Vita Curve - Gua Sha Sculptor offers a clean, bacteria-resistant surface ideal for skin contact. This tool not only boosts circulation and immune response but also effectively relieves muscle tension across various body areas.

Perfect for holistic health enthusiasts, the Copper Vita Curve provides a comprehensive approach to wellness, ensuring deep relaxation and improved skin texture. Embrace a healthier, more radiant you with every stroke.

Please note:

1. Copper naturally oxidizes and changes color over time when exposed to air. This is a natural characteristic of copper and does not affect the functionality of the product.

2. Customers are responsible for paying any customs duties and additional handling fees for their region/country of purchase.

To preserve your copper items, follow these simple care tips:

Regular Cleaning: Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe your copper items. Its natural antibacterial properties mean heavy cleaning is often unnecessary.

Dry After Use: Keep copper dry to prevent oxidation. Store unused items in a dry place.

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