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24K Gold Meridian Brush

24K Gold Meridian Brush

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Get your luxurious 24K Gold Meridian Comb today and embark on a journey to holistic wellness. Crafted with copper bristles and triple-coated in 24K gold, this comb is your key to stimulating acupuncture meridians, enhancing blood flow, and activating hair follicles for overall health.

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1. Customers are responsible for paying any customs duties and additional handling fees for their region/country of purchase.

Q: I noticed what looks like a missing bristle in my Meridian brush. Why is it?
A: The feature you've noticed is actually an intentional design element of your Meridian brush! It's a ventilation hole located in the cushion. This hole is crucial as it allows air to flow in and out of the cushion when the brush is used. This airflow helps balance the pressure applied to your scalp, enhances the flexibility of the brush, and ensures a comfortable and effective brushing experience. It's all part of making sure your brush conforms better to the shape of your head and feels great while using it.

Q: How should I take care of my Meridian Brush?
A: To keep your Meridian Comb in great condition, it's important to take care of the wooden handle and pins properly. Use a dry cloth to clean both the handle and the pins. Try to avoid exposing the comb to water as much as possible to preserve the natural wood and prevent damage. This will help maintain the comb's quality and ensure it lasts longer.

Q: Can I use the metal pin comb while blow-drying my hair?
A: Please avoid using the metal pin comb while blow-drying your hair. The pins are made from a precious metal with excellent heat conductivity. Using it with hot air can cause the brush to become very hot, posing a risk of burns. For safety, opt for a different tool when styling with heat.
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